QUALITY: Corporate philosophy

Quality for AUTOMA is a philosophy involving every moment of business life, starting from the design and the engineering until the production of the electronic devices and software.Conscious of the top quality of “Made in Italy”, AUTOMA develops in Italy all the process of the production cycle, with the help of skilled workers selected at regional and national level.The whole management system for corporate quality, in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001, guarantees customer loyalty and satisfaction.The activities of research and development, business development, production, marketing and logistics concerning all the equipment placed on the market, are based on Quality Policy.



Quality Policy

AUTOMA establishes priority rules concerning Quality Policy, consistent with the objectives and business strategy:
  • ✓Understanding needs and expectations both of market and customers, allowing the development of the hardware and software products.
  • ✓ Helping customers in a timely and effective manner, regarding installation and delivery of the hardware and software products.
  • ✓ Acquiring resources, appropriate and updated tools for design and development.
  • ✓ Outsourcing the production to qualified companies.
  • ✓ Monitoring the production of the devices and test them so as to guarantee compliance with the required standards
  • ✓ Ensuring professional growth and update training for all personnel.
  • ✓ Ensuring compliance of the certified products according to ATEX 2014/34/UE.
The rules concerning Quality Policy are pursued by:
  • ✓ Identification, implementation and control of processes adequate for products in accordance with requirements.
  • ✓ Procedures implementation of the quality management system for reaching customer satisfaction, by the continuous improvement of        the company.
  • ✓ Participation of employees by communication of Quality Policy, development of the quality management system procedures,                        information on results achieved and problems related to quality.
  • ✓ Participation of suppliers that have important influence on the quality of the products; AUTOMA supports them for introduction and            control of the quality processes of supplies.
Furthermore, for managing all the processes related to production/supply of the products ATEX, AUTOMA drew up and implemented a set of procedures to guarantee quality of the products, in accordance with Directive 2014/34/UE and standard CEI UNI EN ISOIEC 80079-34.
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